• January 01, 1977
  • 20 minutes

The Psychic Parrot

An ordinary middle class suburban couple sees a celebrity parrot on TV who supposedly foretells the future. The parrot predicts the world is coming to an end. The couple are initially shocked, and then decide to make the most of the time they have left. They get dressed up and decide to celebrate as if it was New Year's Eve, since the world is supposed to end at midnight. On TV, it is shown that all the important people of the world are selected and sent to the moon in a space ship so they can escape the earth's destruction. As midnight approaches the couple gamely prepares to toast their demise, but midnight comes and the world doesn't end. A special comes on TV and the parrot explains he made a mistake. As he starts to correct himself, the moon blows up. All of the scenes on TV are animated cartoons. The scenes with the husband and wife are filmed live actors.

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