• United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • November 12, 1992

Absolutely Fabulous


Season 2 Episode 6

Patsy accidentally burns down the Monsoons' kitchen with a cigarette. She and Edina later plan a night out, but they decide to stick around after learning that Saffron is expecting a date, much to her chagrin. To make matters worse, Mother inadvertently locks the three women in the living room on her way to the chemist's. Edina pesters a mortified Saffron with questions about her sex life, before the trio exchange stories about their own births. Patsy—who had a neglectful mother—expresses her resentment towards Saffron due to the privileges she enjoyed while growing up, leading to a bitter dispute between the two. When Mother eventually returns home and unlocks the door, Edina and Patsy quickly leave, while Saffron's date is waiting outside. A flashback sequence shows Edina as she plans to surrender Saffron for adoption.

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