• United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • November 12, 1992

Absolutely Fabulous


Season 1 Episode 1

After awakening with a hangover, Edina 'Eddie' Monsoon frantically prepares to launch a major fashion show. Meanwhile, her unsympathetic daughter, Saffron—whom Edina had promised to quit drinking—constantly reprehends her mother's unhealthy habits. Edina's best friend, Patricia 'Patsy' Stone, arrives to accompany her to work. At the office, Edina's assistant Bubble reports that one of the main models, Yasmin Le Bon, has dropped out, while Princess Anne has replaced Princess Diana on the guest list. Edina subsequently manages to cajole several B-list celebrities into attendance, turning the show into a rousing success. Later that night, Edina and Patsy indulge in a drunken bender—much to the disgust of Saffron, who locks Edina out of the house. The next morning, Edina and Patsy trick Saffron into believing that Edina is going to check into a rehabilitation clinic.

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